Barnga - an authentic Indigenous partnership

Barnga, meaning “Goanna” in Yugunga-Nya language, is an Indigenous Construction & Infrastructure Company operating in Western Australia.


With accredited tier one management systems and in-house capabilities spanning virtually every strand of modern construction Barnga brings a diverse range of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ technical and specialists skills to manage challenges and enrich project delivery for all stakeholders.



The Yugungu people are the traditional custodians of Yugunga-Nya country, the land surrounding the town of Meekatharra in the mid-west of Western Australia.

As the rightful owners of the land, the Yugungu people through Balyalgoo have partnered with Barpa, Australia’s most capable Indigenous Commercial builder, to confidently deliver significant infrastructure projects on their country.

Barnga aims to generate dividends to be returned to the Yugunga-Nya people to;

• Develop further economic opportunities
• Create Indigenous Employment
• Strengthen connection to country and culture
• Increase individual and community capability

“It is exciting to see companies such as Barnga bring genuine commitment and capability to the Yugunga-Nya area. Through the partnership with Barpa we can create opportunities within the community and offer a quality service to businesses operating on Yugunga-Nya land”
Carl Peterson Yugunga-Nya Traditional Owner

Barnga Leadership Team

Bringing capability and capacity to the region

Contact Details

Head Office:
Level 4
34 Charles Street South Perth WA 6151

Ph: 1300 935 007