Barpa provides support to Indigenous organisations, initiatives, groups and events. We encourage good corporate citizenship.

Barpa is committed to making a positive difference for Australia’s first people. We embed this commitment in every part of our business. We take corporate responsibility seriously and are committed to taking an active role in supporting and engaging with community and business.



Barpa has a sponsorship program that supports it’s staff’s interests outside of work as well as Indigenous Community and sporting groups including; the ‘Slippery Gypseas’ Women's Fishing team, Beenleigh Housing & Development Corporation Reconciliation Golf Day, Lockhart River Scorpions Rugby League Club, University of Queensland Indigenous University Nationals team the ‘Goorie Goannas’, Tag 20 Indigenous Rugby representative side, Fitzroy Stars Football & Netball Club, St Mary's Women's Football Team, Hallam FNC and the Koorie Academy empowering girls.

Community 2 Day

Barpa Construction Services encourages its employees to undertake volunteer work with charities and community organisations. As a multi-disciplinary construction company, our employees’ broad range of skills can assist organisations with building maintenance and repair, small construction jobs such as playground equipment, working bees, grounds maintenance, packing, moving and more.


Barpa partners with the Clontarf Foundation that operates 136 academies within 149 schools across Western Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self- esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men. The partnership provides opportunities for Barpa employees to interact with Clontarf Academies and participants across the country, and in turn, provides participants with an insight into the construction industry and help inform their future career paths. Clontarf Foundation

FVTOC Young Leadership Pilot Program

Developing a pilot program for young leadership in community through the Aboriginal Youth Cultural Strengthening pilot program, which gave 10 Year-10 Aboriginal students an opportunity to partake in a 25-day leadership on Country Program. Utilising the dividends paid from Barpa, it's majority owner the Federation is able to resource and undertake this and a number of cultural initiatives.

Developing a Traditional Owner Fire Strategy

The Federation are enabling the use of Cultural fire to bring life back to the land and connecting people to country across Victoria. Utilising the dividends paid from Barpa, it's majority owner the Federation is able to resource and undertake this and a number of cultural initiatives. FVTOC

Supporting Sea Country Management

The Federation are guiding both the further development of practice for Sea Country management and the successful implementation of a program of work to realise Traditional Owner aspirations for Sea Country. This includes two pilot Regional and Strategic Partnerships on the coast, being led by the Traditional Owner Corporations for that Country. FVTOC

Treaty Research and Policy

The Federation have been undertaking treaty engagement and research to inform the treaty debate and has been successful in lobbying for consideration of Traditional Owner rights and interests. FVTOC