RAAF Base Scherger Fencing & Creek Works

Client: Department of Defence
Location: Queensland
Project: RAAF Base Scherger Fencing & Creek Works
Completion Date: November 2019
Completion Time: 9 Weeks
Value: $2.3M

This project involved rectifying and replacing perimeter fencing and creek crossings at RAAF Base Scherger with compliant security fencing and flood mitigation measures.

We were able to achieve 71% total Indigenous labour hours on the project.

Our primary sub-contractor was a local Indigenous Company, Waanyi Shamrock United Pty Ltd (WSU), who performed 70% of the works. WSU achieved 56% local indigenous employment and 19.6% expenditure on local Indigenous businesses for the supply of materials and services.

The works were completed with no LTIs, First Aid Treatments and no NCRs.

Total Labour Hours: 6430
Total Indigenous Labour Hours: 4550

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